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Hearing Test: Purpose, Procedure and Results

a hearing examination in progress

Hearing loss is something many people will experience in their lifetime. It can come on quite suddenly; however, for many people, it will be a very gradual process. It can often take several years or more to even realize that you’re experiencing hearing loss.

With such slow and subtle changes to your hearing, it can be hard to be sure whether or not your hearing has been affected by hearing loss, and to what extent. 

For this reason, it is essential that you have a hearing test if you suspect that you are experiencing hearing loss. 

But what can you expect from your hearing test? 

What is a hearing test?

Quite simply, a hearing test is an assessment of your ability to hear. It will check which frequencies you can hear, and which you can’t. It will help to identify the types of sounds that you may or may not hear. 

Once the results of the test are in, there may be suggestions for recovering your hearing. This may mean that you need to get a hearing aid to wear. 

Why is it important to have a hearing test?

Your hearing health is important. Hearing loss can cause many people to become isolated when they start to struggle with communicating.  

Identifying hearing loss is a major step in the process of improving your hearing. To do this, you will need to make an appointment with your hearing instrument specialist to have your hearing tested.  

Who can carry out a hearing test?

A hearing test needs to be carried out by a qualified professional such as a hearing instrument specialist. 

It is important that the test is carried out by a professional as they will know what type of questions to ask about your medical history and they will understand how to examine the results of the test. 

Following on the from the test, the hearing instrument specialist will also be able to recommend the correct hearing aid for your ears. 

What happens in a hearing test?

During your hearing evaluation, you will have a series of short tests. You may be played a series of tones or sounds, and you will have to identify which ones you can hear. During this type of test, you’ll usually wear headphones through which you will have all of the tones played back to you. 

There may be several other tests. These tests are designed to measure the extent of your potential hearing loss. Your hearing instrument specialist may also make a physical examination of your ear. This will help them to spot the signs of any damage to your inner ear. 

During your hearing evaluation appointment, your hearing instrument specialist will be very likely to ask you a series of questions. These will be focused on your general health. You will also be asked about your lifestyle, including what you do or used to do for work. You may be asked about any hobbies that you have too. 

Try to answer all of the questions providing as much information to the hearing instrument specialist as possible. These questions are designed to help the hearing instrument specialist get a good understanding of what is causing your hearing loss. 

What happens after your hearing test?

At the end of the hearing test, your hearing instrument specialist will talk you through the results. If you are experiencing hearing loss that can be addressed, either by wax removal or through the treatment of an underlying infection, then your hearing instrument specialist will make recommendations of you can do. 

If you need a hearing aid, the hearing instrument specialist will be able to talk you through various options that are available to you. 

The type of hearing aid that may be best suited to you will depend on the extent and cause of your hearing loss. Your lifestyle, hobbies and job will also be taken it consideration too as these will help the hearing instrument specialist. 

Once you’ve chosen your hearing aid, your hearing instrument specialist will be able to help you to set up and fit your hearing aid. It is vital that this is done right as it will affect your ability to hear well in the future. 

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