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How Often do People Change/Replace their Hearing Aids?

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Like most of the medical technology available today, hearing aids are complicated and difficult to understand. At least, they are when you haven't had their features and styles explained to you by a hearing instrument specialist. When you own hearing aids, you need to understand when you should be changing and replacing your hearing aids for upgraded or better versions. A hearing instrument specialist can walk you through everything you need to know about new hearing aids, but as hearing aids need to be replaced every few years, it would help if you learned the factors that will affect replacement.

In this article, we're going to talk through all of the reasons you should consider upgrading your hearing aids.

Your hearing aids are beyond repair

Perhaps you didn't put them onto a soft cloth or into a hearing aid container, but if your hearing aids are damaged beyond repair and you can no longer use them, it's time for a replacement. Water damage and dropping your hearing aids are the two most common reasons that they may be damaged beyond repair. Hearing aids are very delicate, so even just knocking them a little too hard with your elbow can cause damage!

Your hearing has changed

Even if you have had hearing aids for some time, your hearing can still change. If you remember, your eyes change as you age; your hearing is the same. Current devices may not be as powerful as you'd like, and so over time, your hearing may become accustomed to the sound you hear and when it changes and gets worse, you may need new hearing aids.

Your health has changed

Even a simple change in your health can change how much you can hear. If you become older and more infirm, it's often the case that you have less dexterity and so the fiddly, tiny hearing aids you may have right now are harder to use. If you cannot change the battery and you struggle to open the door, you might find it harder to own hearing aids. Speak to your hearing instrument specialist if this is the case and they will be able to come up with a plan for your hearing.

You've had your hearing aids for more than five years

Hearing aids do not last forever. Most hearing aids have a shelf life of three to seven years, so if you've had yours for more than five, you can bet that the technology may be outdated, and it may be time for a replacement. All hearing aids go through wear and tear over time, and you must think about the fact that it's constantly on. All day, every day your hearing aid is switched on and keeps you listening to the world around you. With frequent cleanings, you can keep it in good condition, but it won't last forever like that!

Older hearing aids don't function as well as they could do and, in some cases, they can no longer be repaired as the parts are no longer made. The hearing aids that you can get on the market today are very advanced in comparison, right down to being able to connect to your phone. Choosing to upgrade your hearing aid as you have had it for longer than five years is a smart decision, and you can get better features with a newer model.

Your life has changed

Sometimes, a lifestyle change may prompt you to choose new hearing aids. You need hearing devices that will enable you to be more current, and new hearing aids will help. If you're spending more time outdoors, you may choose a hearing aid that sits more snugly in the ear next time.

You can afford a better model

The last time you bought hearing aids, you may not have had the money for the top of the range model that you truly wanted. this time, you can afford a better upgrade with smoother and more refined technology. Speak to your hearing instrument specialist about it and they'll be able to point you in the right direction.

You feel more confident

One of the best reasons to adjust your hearing aid brand is that you feel more confident about the ones you're currently wearing. Many people don't feel confident about their hearing aids when they first get them, but over time they get used to wearing them and can be bold with their next choice.

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