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What Can You do to Recover from Gradual Hearing Loss?

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Over a long period of time, your hearing health can diminish. You may start to experience gradual hearing loss. 

One of the important things to note about gradual hearing loss is that it will happen over such a prolonged amount of time, that you may not realize that your hearing as in any way changed. This can make it very hard to spot or even do anything about it.

So, when it comes to recovering from gradual hearing loss, one of the challenges that you may face in your recovery is that you may not even realize that you’re experiencing it in the first place. 

So, what can you do to recover from gradual hearing loss?

We’ll discuss what gradual hearing loss is, how you may be affected by it and what you can do to help yourself if you experience it. 

What is gradual hearing loss?

Gradual hearing loss is often associated with age. It can come on over many years. Hearing loss is a treatable part of the ageing process for many people. 

The changes will be so subtle that you may not notice it is even happening.

Gradual hearing loss will affect certain higher frequencies. You may find it harder to hear certain sounds as well as you used to. These might include children’s voices, birds singing or telephones ringing. 

What are the signs of gradual hearing loss?

One of the signs of hearing loss to look out for that may indicate that you are experiencing gradual hearing loss is not fully understanding conversations. 

It is not uncommon to think that you can hear the full conversation, but believe that you do not actually understand what people are saying. When, in reality, you’re missing out on hearing some of the words or sounds. 

You might start to hear a ringing in your ears, and there may be sounds that you start to find irritating. 

What causes gradual hearing loss?

Gradual hearing loss may be caused by ageing, or it could be a result of prolonged exposure to loud noises. 

Gradual hearing loss is caused by changes in your inner or middle ear or on the nerve pathways that lead to the brain. Your hearing may also be affected by conditions such as high blood pressure as you start to get older. 

If you have gradual hearing loss in one ear, it may be caused by a build-up of skin cells, fluid in your ear or bony growth. 

How can gradual hearing loss be treated?

One of the most effective ways of regaining your hearing after you have experienced a gradual loss is to get a hearing aid. 

Hearing aids restore the clarity of the sounds that you are able to hear. By wearing a hearing aid, you even be able to experience sounds that you hadn’t heard for a very long time. Often, hearing aids can restore a great deal of detail in the sound that you can hear. 

What to do if you think that you’re experiencing gradual hearing loss

If you believe that you may be experiencing gradual hearing loss, the most important thing to do is get your hearing tested. 

By visiting a hearing instrument specialist, you’ll be able to get an evaluation carried out to find out to what extend your hearing loss is affecting you, and what the underlying cause of your hearing loss is. 

What type of hearing aid will you need?

Following on from your hearing aid evaluation, your hearing instrument specialist will be able to recommend the right hearing aid

When recommending a hearing aid to you, your hearing instrument specialist will take into account a variety of factors. These will include the type of lifestyle that you need. This will help to identify the suitability of the hearing aid. 

The cause and type of hearing loss that you are experiencing will be contributing factors in the type of hearing aid that you might be offered. 

Make an appointment with a hearing instrument specialist 

Seeking the right help is essential if you are experiencing gradual hearing loss. The Hearing Guy is a hearing instrument specialist. Following on from initial evaluation, we’ll be able to provide a course of action to improve your hearing loss. 

We’ll talk you through all of the different options that are available to you. 

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