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Experience Hearing

Don't just Hear....Experience Hearing!

Being able to hear in a quiet office environment is easy. Dr. Steele likes to focus on the "real world" experiences. 

Having trouble with background noise at a restaurant. Dr. Steele will reenact a typical restaurant scene in his office by playing background restaurant sounds and asking you to answer certain questions. He might also walk you down to the grocery store or across the street to a noisy pizza restaurant to test out the hearing aids. This is a great way to adjust a customized restaurant program.

Does the road noise while driving make it hard to hear the other passengers? Not only can we make you a customized car program but we can test the program out and make adjustments based on your car's acoustics. Dr. Steele has also taken his patients to the movies or to play golf.

Do you have trouble hearing music at a concert, do you sing in a choir, do you have trouble hearing the preacher? Whatever your activity, it's important that you share those with us so Dr. Steele can make the proper adjustments for your lifestyle. Whether if you travel overseas or just enjoy being at home watching the television, your hearing aids should improve your type of lifestyle.

Community Involvement

Dr. Steele enjoys teaching his patients about hearing loss but he also enjoys teaching the community. He has done several educational talks around the community to teach others about hearing loss. By learning about hearing loss we are able to recognize when there might be a problem with ourselves or those around us. The Hearing Guy is a proud supporter of Aging Projects and the Alzheimer's Association of Asheville and Hendersonville. If you are interested in Dr. Steele coming to talk to your organization please give us a call or send us a note on the Contact Us page. 


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