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Hearing Care Services

The best way to enjoy daily sounds is with healthy hearing in both ears. The Hearing Guy provides services that cater to patients with declining hearing quality. Available options take into consideration past and present medical history. Professionals handle a range of hearing tests and rehabilitation services for patients of all ages.

Cerumen Removal

Wax builds up in the ears when the body can’t naturally clear it out. The blockage not only affects hearing, but can be detrimental to bodily health. Earwax removal is available for all patients that don’t have a history of ear surgery or serious related ear conditions. Microsuction, syringing and irrigation are all painless procedures that are performed in under an hour. 

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Hearing Evaluations

With the aid of a licensed professional, patients are guided through multiple examinations. A full case history is required to determine which tests would be the most beneficial. Recommendations for better hearing health are provided based on the results of the tests. An evaluation can consist of air conduction, pure tone bone conduction, speech testing and speech reception. 

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

If a hearing aid evaluation returns unfavorable results, hearing aids may be one of the recommended treatments. Professionals will discuss various hearing aid options that align with the hearing loss degree of the patient. The final decision will include a combination of comfort, features and an understanding of the long-term benefits. An impression of the ears is taken so that the prescribed hearing aids are a perfect fit.  

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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Prescribed hearing aids are only the beginning part of the process. Live speech mapping is needed to fine-tune the device for daily use. A lot of pertinent information is exchanged during the appointment, so bringing along a friend or family member is recommended. This is the lengthiest portion involved in getting hearing aids, so patients should be prepared to ask questions. 

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Minor issues with hearing aids can be handled at home with basic maintenance and care. When a repair is a little more complex, a repair can be done onsite. Hearing aid repairs that are beyond onsite repair need to be sent off to the manufacturer. Replacement hearing aids are available until the originals come back. Warranty information covering such incidents are discussed during the initial fitting. 

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In-home fitting

In the comforts of your own home Dr. Steele will perform the hearing evaluation and let you try on the hearing aids. By doing this you will be able to tell if hearing aids will be a good fit for you

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