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In-home fitting

Can't make it into our office? Dr. Steele will come to you.

In the comforts of your own home Dr. Steele will perform the hearing evaluation and let you try on the hearing aids. By doing this you will be able to tell if hearing aids will be a good fit for you.This can sometimes be the ideal solution for someone who has noticed a hearing issue inside their home whether it be the television, telephone or the person they live with. Dr. Steele will be able to create custom programs based on the activity and environment.

"By being in the atmosphere where the hearing difficulty is occurring I can better assist the patient. My office is very quiet therefore it is sometimes better to advise the patient in their daily surroundings." said Dr. Steele.

A mobile in-home appointment is also helpful for those that cannot get out of their house due to mobility issues or even the weather.

Are you the child of an aging parent and find it difficult to get them to their appointments? It can be hard on you to take time away from work or your own kids to drive them to their appointments. If so, this service might be the answer to your problem. 

Is this service free? The Hearing Guy does charge a small fee to come to your location but the fee is waived with the purchase of a hearing aid. Due to the length of time required for these types of appointments, residents outside of Buncombe and Henderson counties might require an additional travel charge.If you are interested in this type of appointment please call our office as soon as you can. These appointments are best scheduled within a few weeks due to the amount of time that needs to be blocked off on our schedule.